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Window Cleaning

Mirror Cleaning

Graffiti Removal

 Depending on the size of your windows, the maximum rate you would pay is $3 per window, per side. If you wish to have your windows cleaned both inside and outside, you will save $1.50 per window; instead of $6 inside and out, you will only pay $4.50.

Glass front doors are always free
Additional 48-hour touch-ups are free
Free estimate with free demonstration
Depending on the size of your mirror, the maximum rate you would pay for one mirror is $3.

Free estimate with free demonstration
Light tag/graffiti removal 

Removable with chemical sprays or water-based solutions. The maximum price you would pay for one light tag removal is $5.
Tags (non-etched) on windows are included in the window cleaning service.

  Heavy tag/graffiti removal 

Removable by painting-over. The maximum rate you would pay for one heavy tag removal is $25. The paint is provided by the customer. Conditions may apply.

Free estimate with free demonstration

Basic Painting Services

We offer painting services indoor and outdoors at the best rate available as long as you provide the paint, we will provide the tools and the labor.

Best rates in Victoria

Business Housekeeping

Dusting, mopping, vacuuming and bathroom cleaning.

Best rates in Victoria

Residential Car Wash

 Save your gas and your money. Just have the hose ready. We will come wash your vehicle for a very fair rate. 


 For New Customers Only

Have both the outside and the inside of your windows cleaned. Only pay for the outside.
Yes. We will clean your windows inside for free, just this first time.

For Existing Customers

Refer a new customer to BIGTREE CLEANING. 
Get 50% off on the next 2 jobs.